Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Easter Hunt

Easter is a hard holiday for me. It's probably the day I miss my mom the most. But this year, instead of being sad that my mom wasn't here, I spent the day loving on my sweet girl and watching her laugh and play and enjoying the company of my family that is here. We had a great time! 

We altered the Easter Egg Hunt this year and had a contest: Bruce and Becky vs. the "kids". We hid eggs in the front for Bruce and Becky, and B & B hid eggs in the back for us to find. Believe me, no one held back. There were some ridiculous hiding spots, and may be about 10 eggs still missing! The Dicksons aren't that competitive, so it wasn't as much fun as it sounds *read major sarcasm was hysterical! 

The Hunt was ON...

Our little bunny's smile fixes even the toughest days! How did I get so lucky?!

Playing Outside

It's the middle of April, and Harper and I have spent a lot of time outside. It's been glorious. The temperature has stayed right around the 75-80 degree mark, which is pretty perfect in my book. 

We've gotten a membership to the Dallas Arboretum and headed there with friends recently. 

3 kids, all smiling...shocking!

We've also become members at the Glen Cove Swim Club for the summer, and Harper has already tried out the water twice. Our pool doesn't open for another month, but we hit up Nonnie and Ogee's pool in Austin, and it was a hit!

Yes, that is a long sleeve swimsuit with a hood, ruffly butt,  AND ears.  Could not be more adorable.

Same bathing suit, same cute baby!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

10 Months!!

This month was full of friends of family! Harper got to go on another big trip in March to meet her brand new cousin, Donevan Marcus Hunt. She was very sweet with him, mostly looking from afar. 

She did great on the long flight out to California and enjoyed her trip to the beach. We didn't actually touch the sand, but Del Mar has a great beach off 15th street with the best. playground. ever. Apparently California doesn't have deciduous trees, which means NO LEAVES. It was amazing. Harper could crawl around on the rice-crispy-like-bottom, and I didn't have to worry about her putting every single leaf/wood chip in her mouth. I'm not going to lie, totally jealous of Sarah...she's gonna love that in about 8 months!


Harper also stayed with her first babysitter this month while Neal and I went on a date (woohoo!). It was the first time she stayed with a non-family member, paid babysitter. I used a former student of mine who is now a junior at Plano West. She obviously did great, was asleep by the time we got to the restaurant (Harper, not the babysitter). Gotta say, easiest $30 Hannah has probably ever made.

Harper is still pushing her walker everywhere she goes, but we find her standing on her own a lot more now. Still no steps. I'm okay with that...I have a feeling when she starts walking, life is going to get a lot crazier! She's eating more solid food than baby food now, and the most surprising hit was salmon. We can't get it on her plate fast enough. Who knew?! She's also a big fan of any pasta, grilled cheese, and ground turkey. Usually I give her whatever we're eating, but there are times when I don't want to feed her the chick-fil-a I just picked up, or the super sodium frozen pizza I am heating up for dinner (wow, I sound like a really healthy eater...I promise, it's not very often that those are dinner, but nobody's perfect). So I'm finding coming up with meal ideas for her on those occasions surprisingly difficult. Protein is the hardest to come up with; she's got the carbs and fruits/veggies down. If you've got suggestions, I'll take all the help I can get in this area...

Harper made two new friends this month when Caroline Reese and Charlotte Scott were born. We've got two more girls due in May and June; I can't wait to see these girls grow up with each other!

I have a feeling that most of month eleven will be spent outside! It's been gorgeous here, but that's for another post...