Monday, August 20, 2012

Feeling Crafty

For a Monday, this was a very productive day. Not only did I get the groceries done and dig up the dead flowers in the front bed, BUT I also got TWO crafts done. That's right people...TWO!

The first was a last minute pinterest find while I was supposed to be getting inspiration for our weekly menu (see project #2...). I've always thought that the cute bows on Etsy were way over priced, and some even seem fairly simple to make. So...a trip to the craft aisle ensued.

It took a few different attempts, but the final product was a success.
While I crafted...
The finished product (and a shameless shot of my adorable daughter).

The second project was inspired by said trip to the craft aisle. While I was searching for the ric rac to be used for the bows, I found a board that was the perfect size for a kitchen menu. I've been sitting on some leftover chalkboard paint from a previous project and having been trying to keep an eye out for an appropriate board. Walmart really came through for this girl today. So easy, and it does the job.

It took a coat of primer and several coats of paint, but the menu is up (it's a poor week to show off my menu planning skills...but you get the idea!).

I've got some organizing ideas up my sleeve to clear out some closet space, so hopefully this productivity streak continues. I've also got some leftover ric rac and lots of buttons so there are probably more bows to be made and some other pinterest projects ahead for me as well!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lead and Follow

Here's what I am loving about Harper and her little friends...she's right in the middle age wise, so sometimes she leads...

And sometimes she follows...

How lucky are we that we are surrounded by sweet friends and their sweet moms who love us so well?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She Got Me

She got me real good. And this is not the first time it's happened. She really likes my face as a chair. So far, it's all been in good fun, but so help me if I feel something fill up that diaper....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Frozen in Time

Harper's getting really fast these days. Usually by the time I get the camera out, she's already making her way over to me to check out the picture herself...So when I can actually capture a moment, I can't help but be thankful for freezing time. Because it's these moments that I don't ever want to forget.



Sunday, August 12, 2012


Oh, hey! You're still here? That's pretty impressive. What's not impressive? My blogging the last two months. Seriously. Pitiful. Wanna here the excuses I came up with? I'm also including the possible/probable response from you, my loyal, lovely, amazing, and awesome reader (buttered up yet?)...

"It's been a crazy many plans." Liar. It has not. You sit around for hours while your kid naps. You've gone on one real vacation so far. Speaking of, where the heck are pictures from that trip?

"Harper is too fast these days; I can't get any good pictures..." Ever heard of videos? Besides, I don't need a good picture every post, maybe just A picture...or just write for jake's sake.

"The Internet on my laptop won't work. It's so slow and frustrating." Get a new computer. My goodness. You're being ridiculous, Allison. (Sorry, that's Neal's response...not yours...)

"I got an iPad and can't figure out how to post from there." Wanna know what's cool about the iPad? The Internet. You can pretty much find anything on there. Including directions/apps for blogging on the iPad. (P.S. I figured this one out...I got the app Blogsy...hence this post...)

Sound about right? Here's my goal...write more. Post more. After talking to the most beautiful, fun, and smart friends any girl's ever had (still need some buttering?), I realized that each post doesn't have to have some meaningful writing along with it. Each post doesn't have to be littered with edited/Nikon quality pics. They'll still check the blog without it. Anything is better than nothing, right. So here are a few random pics from our summer, and I'll get working on a post from our Angel Fire trip, and other fun stuff we've done since we fell off the map.

Thanks for sticking around. Sorry I'm such a punk.

She likes to play dress up.
She likes to play dress up.
A lot.
Getting in a post swim dinner.
She's learned how to climb. Awesome.
She likes the water. She also really likes Momma right now.
Cheering on Daddy's kickball team. It was hot and humid...look at the curls.

Goofing around with Daddy. I love these two.


And for good measure, a video to make your heart happy. (Edited: Still figuring out Blogsy...I don't know why it posted this video like 10 times, the bubbles are all the same...)