Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rosemary Beach 2012

So I found a new favorite vacation spot. Although, you could have sent me just about anywhere and it would've been a new favorite vacation spot. We went to Rosemary Beach, Florida for a week with the Dicksons and it was glorious! I couldn't pick just a handful of pics for the blog, so here's a link to my photo journal I created (you'll have to copy and paste it in a new window).;CAEQARoQshE_35ZNqbvJnQr7s-YQhQ;F4FAC51D-956B-4018-82B7-9B7EB59DFA06

We rode our bikes everywhere, had a date night (thanks, Nonnie and Ogee!), ate ice cream almost every night, and became Kadima pros! Harper liked the sand a lot, and the water only a little. It was an incredible vacation, and the sunsets and rolling tides reminded me how good God is.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Gentle Reminders

The last couple of days have been tough. Harper is getting her first two molars and a cold this week. Awesome. Did I also mention she's starting to perfect her already solid tantrum? Believe me when I say that I rely heavily on getting out of the house each day. Unfortunately, yesterday was a total bust. We were supposed to go up to visit my friend Dawn and her brand new, precious baby Stella. But with said cold, I called Dawn and told her we were staying far, far away from her and her three day old. I was really disappointed, and in all honesty, I don't know if it was with not getting to go visit a sweet perfect newborn, being a flaky friend to a new mom who could probably use some company, or the fact that my toddler (we're out of the "little girl" phase from yesterday just a for the time being...pigtails are out and the realization that she's still only 15 months was read loud and clear today) was keeping me from the only adult time I had planned for the next 8 hours.

Anyway, I needed some perspective after a long week and found it at Betsy's today while helping her in her hour of need. I'm going to start referring to her house as the Land of 1,000 Photo Ops.

Just a few, much needed gentle reminders on a rough day.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I don't know how it happened. Yesterday afternoon, my toddler turned into a little girl. No really...

Actually, I know exactly how it happened...I gave her pigtails. How did something so easy, so painless, change everything?

In all honesty, it's freaking adorable. I love them. However, it changed something in us both (ok, she couldn't have cared less); maybe it just changed the way I saw her. She sat still while I combed her hair; she watched in the mirror as I wrapped the tiniest hair tie around the tiniest pigtail. And when I was done, she stood up and went and picked up the last toy she had been playing with, not even realizing something was different about her. But I see it now. A little bit more every day. She's becoming more independent, more opinionated.

She runs ahead and doesn't look back. She climbs into chairs without my help. She picks out a book and can flip through it, and when that book is Eric Carle's Head to Toe she can even pound her chest like a gorilla or raise her shoulders like a buffalo on the right page at the right time without any prompting from us. And if she falls and skins her knees? She doesn't even cry. She's a tough one, that little girl of mine.

But even after this transformation happened right in front of my eyes, I was given a little reprieve last night. I was reminded that even though she is growing up way too fast, she still needs her momma. Whether it's a cold or the two new teeth coming in, she needed me to rock her last night and I savored every second. In fact, I probably rushed in there a little too fast and stayed a little too long, but I needed those quiet moments in the dark last night, holding my baby, rocking her, and having her need me.

Maybe a bit dramatic, but those pigtails threw me for a little loop yesterday...can you tell?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So that's 1 hat, 1 headband, 2 necklaces, and 2 tutus...and her pajamas! The girl likes to get dressed up, even if it's just for breakfast.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


This denim jumper was mine. How cool that one morning I woke up to the sound of my daughter ready to start a new day, got her out of her crib, changed her diaper, talked gibberish to the babbling babe, and dressed her in this adorable Madewell jumper, just like my mom did one day many years ago. When I think about the one who made me a mom, I sure do miss my own. Thanks, Marf and GrAnne for saving a piece of history so I could feel my mom so easily on a day that I could really use her.



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going Away

I'm going to try and write this post without bragging. Ah, hell...who am I kidding...Best. Weekend. Ever.

It's crazy to think that in the last fourteen months I have only spent a few hours here and there away from that sweet babe of mine. A few hours every couple of weeks for MOPS, an embarassingly few date nights out, sometimes leaving her with Neal for errands or Book Club...but none of these was more than three hours at time, and I always tried to get out when Harper was asleep. She'd never know. So in fourteen months, last weekend marked my first night away from Harper.

I have lots of excuses for why this hasn't happened yet. For some reason ready to put up some defense, like I'm the only one who hasn't left their babe for the night. I also have my line of defense ready for the people who might think I'm horrible for enjoying a night away. When in reality, why should I care either way? And are people really judging me for this...doubtful. I need to stop thinking so much.

It really was perfect timing for us. I'm finally done nursing, so I didn't have that to worry about. It's almost the end of summer, which means it's extra hot and West Nile-y, I'm quickly running out of indoor activities, but it's not quite time for our school year activities to start..all adding up to short nerves and very little patience or creativity. Plus, Harper has the absolute best Nonnie and Ogee so I was never worried about her. It was time to get away.

Friday we headed down to Austin, ready to leave Harper with Neal's parents for our summer birthday celebration courtesy of the best in-laws on this earth. When it was time to say goodbye Saturday morning, I was feeling a little torn. I knew I was going to miss my girl like crazy, but I couldn't get in that car fast enough. We had reservations at the JW Marriott in San Antonio with Andrew and Lindsey where the boys were golfing and the girls were spa-ing.

Group hug...
Wow...we really look like we need a vacation.
After an upgrade to a golf view suite (amazing) and the best massage I've ever had, we met up with the boys and acted like stupid kids, swimming against the current in the lazy river, dunking each other behind the lifeguards' backs, flipping out of the tube at the end of the super awesome water slide.

A delicious and over the top dinner followed and ended with a round of shots on the house to celebrate. Sunday brunch was amazing and included perfectly poached eggs, crab claws, oysters, and not one but TWO desserts.

Already looking better.

The best part of the weekend was spending quality, distraction free time with Neal. It also doesn't hurt that I really really like my brother and sister-in-law.

Harper didn't miss us at all, I don't think. I only snuck in one call at bedtime (totally got busted). I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It's amazing what 24 hours of adult time can do for the soul.


Climbing the stars with Ogee=endless fun