Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Cousin Trip to Philly

Sarah and Donevan came to town last week for a quick stop before we headed to Philly to see GrAnne. Harper was pretty enamored with her cousin. The first thing she wanted to do when she saw him was hold him in her lap. How does she already know that's a thing?

Then came the obligatory bath picture. They loved splashing each other.
And even though the bus driver at the Arboretum was a jerk, we still managed to make it to a church pumpkin patch for a photo shoot. My daughter makes taking pictures next to impossible, but we got a few (can't wait for professional family pics this weekend...).


Once in Philly, we mostly sat around GrAnne's apartment, but did make it out to Alvethorpe Park one afternoon.

Sarah, just being Sarah...
Our Philly trip was perfectly timed as GrAnne had fallen and bruised her ribs a few days before we got there. She needed the pick me up, and I don't think she stopped smiling the entire time we were there. It was not easy keeping Harper contained and entertained in the assisted living complex, but we did lots of exploring and elevator riding.
GrAnne is the most amazing 90-year-old I know, and I'm so glad we got to take her two great grandchildren to visit her together. A priceless visit.

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