Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rosemary Beach 2012

So I found a new favorite vacation spot. Although, you could have sent me just about anywhere and it would've been a new favorite vacation spot. We went to Rosemary Beach, Florida for a week with the Dicksons and it was glorious! I couldn't pick just a handful of pics for the blog, so here's a link to my photo journal I created (you'll have to copy and paste it in a new window).;CAEQARoQshE_35ZNqbvJnQr7s-YQhQ;F4FAC51D-956B-4018-82B7-9B7EB59DFA06

We rode our bikes everywhere, had a date night (thanks, Nonnie and Ogee!), ate ice cream almost every night, and became Kadima pros! Harper liked the sand a lot, and the water only a little. It was an incredible vacation, and the sunsets and rolling tides reminded me how good God is.


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