Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The State Fair

Ok, I admit it, the State Fair is cool. I never really understood the hoopla surrounding the State Fair before. I mean, people here love the State Fair. I have friends who go, like, well, more than once...and that seemed crazy to me. As an outsider making judgements without ever having been myself, it just seemed like it was a crowded, overpriced, dirty, loud, fairground. Why subject myself to that when I can have a corn dog from the freezer section at Kroger's for a tiny fraction of the price?!

But I get it now.

It happened sort of by accident. My friend Ashley and I decided we wanted to take our girls down to the Aquarium for a little adventure. They were advertising a lower price during the fair, which we assumed was to lure people away from the fair since surely no one would want to learn about water and a creatures while the fair was going on. So we loaded the girls up, and took the DART down to Fair Park.

However, the "lower price" was because you had to pay admission to the fair to even get to the aquarium. What!? It's pretty obvious now, in hindsight, but there was NO word of this on their website. Anyway, we chugged some Cokes so we could get a discounted admission, and once we were in, we were all, "why would we go to the aquarium and learn about water and sea creatures when we just got into the FAIR?!"

So change of plans...

Ok, I'll say it, I was wrong. I liked the fair. There are games, and animals, and actual things for kids to do!

The Barnyard was pretty crazy. It was packed with people and all kinds of animals. There was a giraffe, some cows, a hedgehog, animals that I had never seen before. And then there were the goats. And you can feed the goats from little cups that these crazy little animals would rip from your hands and swallow whole. I mean they should warn you about that. Because Harper loved the goats. But I was seriously scared that they would rip her hands off.


They also had this super cute farm where they teach the kids where their food comes from. Harper didn't care about anything except her bucket and playing in the dirt. But she sure looked cute!!

Oh, and that corn dog from the freezer section at Kroger's? That's trash compared to the cornY dogs from Fletcher's.

And come on, where else can you get fried Oreos??

The lesson here, people? Don't knock it 'til you try it. Seriously. Those Oreos were amazing. And I'll be back to the fair, no doubt.


  1. This makes me so happy! First, seeing her on that tractor is the cutest. Second, it's downright ridiculous to compare a Fletcher's corny dog to something you buy at the store and you know that now.

    Next thing you know you'll be there opening night with us!

  2. Mays are JEALOUS. First time in my LIFE that we will miss it. CORNY DOG envy... but thankful that you heart is so changed because next year, we will join you!